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Malta Inc. is composed of experienced professionals who hail from different business backgrounds with an international and entrepreneurial mindset. 

Anton Tabone obtained his Doctorate of Laws from the University of Malta in 1995. Between 1996 and 2000, he served as a Maltese Diplomat, posted at the United Nations in New York City, during which time, he was also appointed as Consul to Maltese communities living in the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Upon his return to Malta, Dr. Tabone successfully contested the 2000 and 2003 Local Council Elections, in Victoria, Gozo. Thereafter he was also invited to contest Malta’s first-ever European Parliament election. Dr. Tabone has since held the position of President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Malta, during which time he presided over numerous conferences bringing together Maltese and American enterprise. 

For over 10 years, Dr. Tabone has operated his own private legal practice specializing in Corporate Law and Financial Services. In this capacity he sits on the Board of Directors of a number of Maltese-registered Professional Investor Funds and Companies. His law firm focuses on attracting Foreign Direct Investment towards Malta, liaising between clients and Maltese public and private entities. Dr. Tabone is an Agent of Identity Malta licensed to handle all aspects of acquiring Maltese citizenship via the Malta Individual Investor Programme and all aspects of acquiring Maltese residency via the Malta Residency and Visa Programme, 2015.

In parallel, Dr. Tabone has been extensively involved in cultural affairs both locally and overseas, in matters ranging from staging of mega-productions to the internationalization of Malta’s cultural offer. Between his travels and his work in Malta, Anton enjoys his social life on his much loved Island of Gozo.

A founding partner at Malta Inc Dr. Robert J Lafayette PhD, is a New York-based business developer and consultant. He earned his PhD in Anthropology and Education, focusing on Corporate and Industrial Development from Columbia University. Dr. Lafayette also holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy, a Master’s degree in Education, an MBA in Finance, and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. 

Dr. Lafayette has worked inside several organizations, many times at the board or policy level. Between 1972 and 1983 he worked in the corporate environment in areas relating to cost, general accounting, finance, strategic planning, marketing research and sales. He has since been a consultant in areas such as business, human related development, investments, finance, accounting, marketing, management, strategic planning and risk management. He has also served as member of the Board of Directors of a number of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. 

Between 2002 and 2010, Dr. Lafayette was a board member on the Malta Listing Committee (within the Malta Financial Services Authority), during which time, he helped oversee the development and implementation of, and compliance with, regulations for domestic and foreign companies applying for or listed with the Malta Listing Authority.  From 2001 to 2007, while living in Malta he worked as a Business Consultant to policy makers, educators, and other professionals.

Dr. Lafayette lectures occasionally on Direct Marketing and business development at SUNY/FIT’s Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology and offers personal and professional guidance on opportunities stemming from life events and challenges. A native-born New Yorker, Robert continues to reside in New York City.

Anne Marie Tabone Bianchi is Administration Manager at Malta Inc. She has worked in the financial services industry since the early 1990s, starting with a career in Monaco and later moving to Malta. Prior to taking up a position with Malta Inc, Ms.Tabone Bianchi worked for a private financial services provider for 13 years, handling the Corporate Services Department. During this time Ms.Tabone Bianchi undertook initial client screening, advice, registration and administration of companies. She also handled the registration of ships and yachts under the Maltese flag. Her remit also extended to the establishment of Trusts both under Maltese legislation as well as in foreign jurisdictions. She is clients’ main interface with the registry of companies, banks and any government entities. Prior to working in finance in Malta, Ms.Tabone Bianchi also held various organisational roles in the hospitality industry. 

Anne Marie is Maltese and has lived in Florence, Italy and in Monaco, France. She is fluent in English, Italian, French and Maltese. She also speaks Spanish and German. Ms. Tabone Bianchi is also a founding member of Rotary La Valette Malta, and has served as President of the organisation. She remains an active member and is involved in various philanthropic initiatives.

Andra received her Bachelor Degree in Law at the University Bogdan Voda in Cluj Napoca, Romania in 2011. She has recently graduated in an MA in International Diplomacy from the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies of the University of Malta.

For some years Andra worked in law firms and other sectors in both Romania and Italy before moving permanently to Malta. In 2015 Andra underwent an internship period with the Malta-based Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) where she was assigned work related to Political and Security Related Cooperation.

Andra is a Romanian national with cross culture of international experience. She is a native speaker of Romanian language, fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian languages.

Andra Pipernea