What are we?

We at Malta Inc. are a business-advisory firm with a focus on operations and opportunities in Malta.  In essence, we position ourselves as the first port of call… a one-stop shopping center … for clients interested in establishing business operations in Malta and/or accessing new international markets. In its day-to-day work, Malta Inc. acts as a business hub, a business platform and a facilitator for its clients.


What can we do for you?

For those of you with sizable assets who are considering fresh avenues of expansion, we can guide you to business-development opportunities inherent in Malta. Based on our evaluation of your particular objectives and needs, we will work together with you to identify particular opportunities that would be most appropriate and engaging for your purposes. After a plan of action has been formulated, we at Malta Inc. offer a fully-integrated follow-up service to render your business initiatives operational.


Who are we?

To serve our clients’ needs at the highest level of professionalism, we at Malta Inc. boast a firm comprised of top-level professionals. We are highly experienced, notably successful, highly trustworthy and reputableindividuals. With a diversity of business backgrounds, we represent a collective expertise in a host of germane fields such as corporate law and financial services. Two key traits shared by all firm members are a distinctly global perspective and entrepreneurial mindset. 


Most critically …we bring to the table a thorough, intimate knowledge of Maltese operations at the upper stratas of both government and business. 


Malta Inc. takes its inspiration from Malta itself, a country which although small, has served as a trading hub for different civilizations thanks to its geostrategic relevance and its people’s industrious disposition.