Which countries have the best, and worst, living standards? Malta places no. 25

The 2020s have brought a degree of chaos not seen in decades.

Interview with Jesmond Gatt, Chairman of the MFSA: One Year in Review

Interview with Jesmond Gatt, Chairman of the MFSA: One Year in Review

MARCH 25, 2024

Malta submits application to join OECD

Malta will be formally applying to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Prime Minister Robert Abela told ambassadors.

He said Malta’s enrolment in the OECD will not only increase the country’s contribution on international policy, but also helps in pushing the interests of small states.

Abela was addressing Maltese ambassadors during a conference on Thursday.

He told ambassadors they have the responsibility to promote peace and prosperity while carrying out their duties.

Economy expands at faster pace in third quarter - Central Bank of Malta

The Maltese economy expanded at a faster pace in the third quarter of 2023 when compared to the previous quarter, according to the Central Bank of Malta. 

Exports were the main contributor to economic growth, while domestic demand had a marginally positive impact. 

The CBM’s estimate of the output gap indicates that the degree of over-utilisation of the economy’s productive capacity increased marginally compared with the previous quarter.

New Permanent Mission to the United Nations inaugurated in New York


Foreign Affairs Minister Ian Borg and Malta's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York Vanessa Frazier on Tuesday inaugurated Malta's new Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Borg said work on this new Permanent Mission has been going on for years. He said having a modern base for Malta was important as the country took its place on the United Nations Security Council.

Malta ranks fifth for technical games research, beating Google, Meta

The University of Malta placed fifth in a new ranking for universities and institutions on their publishing activity within the technical field of games.

Published by American University Assistant Professor Mark J. Nelson, the ranking evaluates the top 100 institutions based on their publishing activity over the past decade dedicated to technical aspects of games and interactive media.

This includes research in artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and graphics, the University of Malta (UM) wrote in a press statement on Wednesday.

Strategy for Malta’s financial services industry launched

The National Strategy for Financial Services, prepared by the Malta Financial Services Advisory Council (MFSAC), has been launched. The strategy was initiated by the government with the active contribution from both the industry and the regulators. It is the result of the work of over 100 professionals who worked together to elaborate concrete actions to address key opportunities and mitigate the weaknesses of the sector. This strategy is based on a detailed analysis of the financial services industry conducted by task forces composed of representatives from all the stakeholders involved.