Malta submits application to join OECD

Malta will be formally applying to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Prime Minister Robert Abela told ambassadors.

He said Malta’s enrolment in the OECD will not only increase the country’s contribution on international policy, but also helps in pushing the interests of small states.

Abela was addressing Maltese ambassadors during a conference on Thursday.

He told ambassadors they have the responsibility to promote peace and prosperity while carrying out their duties.

“You have a crucial role to play in advancing the interests of our country and exploring new opportunities," Abela said, noting that international challenges persist, but the foundation of everything is security and peace, “something we enjoy in our country.”

These are reflected in economic growth managed through investment in various sectors, such as health, education, and energy, the PM said.

Abela mentioned how Malta will continue to serve in the United Nations Security Council, and in April, it will again hold the Presidency of this Council, while also currently presiding over the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) throughout this year.

He emphasizes the crucial role that Malta plays in supporting the protection of the values and principles of the OSCE in relation to security.